The virtualization has presented since the beginning of modern computing technology, it has been general feature of the mainframe computers,  having become ubiquitous in  networking, and now being a general trend of informatics. In the narrow sense we use the term for virtualization of computer machines and operating systems, although we use virtualization for nearly everything and everywere, e.g. we are virtualized storage, network, application and elsewhere.
INTEGRITY Ltd has used and provide computer virtualization for more than twelve years, we have experience, expertise and skills in this field, and we are committed  to provide virtualization solutions for achieving higher standards in security, availability, fault tolerancy, scalability and manageability.
We support primarily Xen-based and VMware vSphere ESX-based server virtualization, and provide virtualized server based these technologies and software.
Dedicated virtual server hosting (Virtual Private Servers, VPSs):

  • Xen
  • VMware vSphere ESX