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Providing a VMware-based INTEGRITY Cloud IaaS service provides you and your company a complete IT infrastructure to meet your actual needs.

No need for high-cost investments to build your own computer park! We make it available to you in the most optimal way possible and you pay only as much as you use for it.

This Pay-as-You-Go billing system even allows you hourly billing, so you really only pay as much as you use.

With an easy-to-use web interface, you can use the VMware Cloud Director to build your entire infrastructure, whether it’s networks, virtual servers, firewalls, increasing or decreasing resources as you need them.


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Fully customizable. Set up the resources and infrastructure you need to meet your actual needs.

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Thanks to the Pay-as-You-Go billing system, you only pay as much as you actually use.

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By meeting industry standards, you can become a user of the safest and most reliable system possible.
High availability, fault tolerance, backup and even geoclustering.

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Available anywhere and anytime and can be modified as desired.
Whether you have multiple sites and many applications, data is always available.

With INTEGRITY Cloud, users have access to dedicated, exclusive computing and networking resources.

With INTEGRITY Cloud, you can have more control over your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your selected resources independently and in real time.

Our INTEGRITY Cloud service is designed and developed for corporate and business purposes.

The INTEGRITY Cloud solution has been developed and created for large enterprise and business customers who need guaranteed resources, ensuring a continuous and secure transaction.

  • Cheaper than your own IT infrastructure.
  • You pay as much as you use.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Any network can be set up.
  • Safe. Your data is safe.
  • Reliable. High availability and fault tolerance.
  • Available from anywhere, anytime.

In the easy-to-use VMware Cloud Director, you can change the number of virtual machine processors, the amount of memory, automatically scale the system to your needs, automatically start or stop virtual machines, or even automate virtual processor and memory changes for each virtual machine. adapting it to the specific load.
You can create and modify your virtual network, which you can change during operation.

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Our professional colleague with VMware certifications will help you find the best possible solution with our Private Cloud service.

Learn all about using the VMware Cloud Director on the VMware official website.
Our Hungarian language videos will be available soon.

Pre-built Template You can create a new Virtual Machine from Operating Systems in seconds. (Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Debian)

Contact us and we will help you  to solve your problem!
Request a free demo or demo access!
Our qualified colleague with VMware certifications helps you find the best possible solution with our INTEGRITY Cloud service.

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