SwitchHost documentation

o SwitchHost is a very handy application for web developers, system administrators and many others to use super easily different version of host files on Windows XP/7/8/10.

  • SwitchHost shows the current setting on the Desktop. To create new versions, switch to an another or manage existing versions right click on the SwitchHost icon at the system tray.

SwitchHost requires .NET 4.5.2 framework, please check it before install.
Set up the install directory where the installer copies the following files (by default: c:\Program Files (x86)\Integrity\SwitchHosts):

      • Version directory:
        • During the installation process the original host file copied here, and this is the directory of the following versions
        • (a hosts.origin a %WINDIR%System32driversetchosts fájl másolata, ezt a verziót nem lehet törölni)
      • SwitchHostsForm.exe
        • The application itself
      • System.Net.Http.dll
        • Dynamic-link library for the application
      • SwitchHostsForm.exe.config
        • Config file of the application

Remember, SwitchHost requires system administrator privilege.
To reach the popup menu right click the SwithcHost icon at the system tray.

    • Popup menu
      • SwitchHost popup menu has three different part. Version list at the top, Setup in the middle and Exit at the bottom.
    • Setup menu
      • Setup menu has two tab
      • Host tab
        • Choose from the available version at the Version name section.
        • Use the New, Delete, Save’n switch options to create new version, delete a version or switch between versions.


      • Visual configuration tab
        • The following display settings are available: font type, font color, right margin size.

Every changes of the host file are logged into the system log.